Sink your teeth into TB’s strategy for iconic chocolate factory

turnerbates is extremely excited to be working on the early stages of the strategic redevelopment of two existing buildings for international real estate organisation Vastint, located in Marseille, France at their Vallée Verte site. The TB team is currently focusing on the redevelopment of the Bourbon building – an old coffee and chocolate factory – and its two lobby areas, connected by an external landscaped area. The lobbies will bring the heritage of the building to life, exposing the concrete shell and overlaying it with a warmer, inviting material palette with creatively designed areas for working and socialising.

Turnerbates is also in the process of designing a new flexible and bookable conference space within the adjacent Peaberry building, as well as refurbishing the onsite restaurant.

The history of the buildings

Built to house the Nestlé factory in 1949, Vallée Verte included a chocolate making unit, a soluble coffee unit, admin and social facilities, and housing for the workers. Designed and built as a “green factory” by architects René Egger and Fernand Pouillon, the buildings are carefully organised around landscaped green spaces. Recognised as a place of “20th Century Heritage” by the French Government, Vallée Verte now offers around 31.000 m² of lettable space across the four buildings.

In a site trip to Marseille earlier this year, the TB team were lucky enough to take a look at the original architectural drawings of the buildings, tog et a glimpse of how the building first came to be – take a look at a few of them below.

Exploring the site

Whilst the TB team soaked up the not-so-sunny weather in Marseille, they explored the vast Vallée Verte site and all it has to offer. Discover a few exterior images of our exciting new project below, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates!


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