Today marks the start of turnerbates’ 9th year as a practice!

And whilst the team aren’t all able to celebrate together, we are reflecting on our work so far, and hopeful for the future…

To celebrate is difficult at this time that we are all unable to come together, and also out of step, with all that we know is happening beyond our strange isolation.

I read this quote this morning, from the founder of IKEA who would have been 94 yesterday. Who, through his entrepreneurial spirit, has filtered down into much of the design work opportunities we have today...

SO…hold that thought!

And let's look forward to when this is all over and you are able to be herded around a big blue shed, with a paper tape measure, looking for a lamp called RIKTIG OGLA! then eating meatballs for £1!

Howard BatesDirector, turnerbates

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