We have made it to 3 weeks working from home!

Like all of London, the turnerbates team have created remote working outposts across the city. Whilst it isn’t quite the same as collaborating within the office (we miss you, Bo and Cooper!), we have been keeping in touch with clients and each other through video conferencing.

Even though some of our projects on site are on pause for the safety of on-site workers, we are still working hard at home on upcoming schemes and using the time at home to take stock, develop our creativity and spend time with loved ones (some might say too much time…)

So, if like us you are tired of the same news on repeat, here is some normality and an insight into our time in lockdown so far (from pottery and bread making to working on drawings for some exciting new projects). Here are a few of our top tips to staying sane…

1. Masterminding and keeping busy…

We are very thankful that during this strange time we still have plenty to work on. One such project is for one of our long-standing clients, international real estate organisation, Vastint, in Business Garden Riga, Latvia. The scheme consists of 5 buildings and 70,000m2 of office space…so watch this space!

2. Walks, walks, walks! (or walkies, for Bo and Cooper…)

Remembering to get up and about and taking full advantage of our one allotted fresh air outing of the day (and the now empty London streets…)

3. Getting creative…

All this extra time means that the tb team (and extended family) are getting even more creative! From honing pottery skills, to baking experiments, to painting in the garden…not to mention developing artworks for Vastint office lobbies across Eastern Europe.

4. Supporting our friends…

It is a difficult time for some of our clients and friends, so we have been doing our bit and shopping locally and with independent businesses like our client BEAR Coffee Company. We couldn’t resist buying some of their roasted beans to keep the coffee cravings at bay whilst at home. Watch this space for more developments with BEAR’s 6th site opening after the madness, designed by turnerbates.

5. Staying sociable!

Most importantly, we have been continuing to stay sociable and learning from one another – from keeping up our usual Friday breakfasts, to virtual pub quizzes, online CPDs and catch-ups (and at home teaching for some!)

Keep up to date with what else we are up to via our Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

And if our top tips don’t work, here are a few bingeable film recommendations from the team…

  • John: Salvador (1986)
  • Howard: Thelma & Louise (1991)
  • Jess: 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Karen: The Last Emperor
  • Lianne: She’s the Man
  • Abi: Bombshell
  • Tilly: Moneyball
  • Robyn: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Jake: Fight Club
  • Max: Rainman
  • Moni: Groundhog Day
  • Amita: Ghost
  • Sarah: Mrs Doubtfire

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