Vastint’s newest concept designed by turnerbates, The Lounge, was recently spotted by Howard in Airbaltic magazine!

Vastint plan to open The Lounge across various sites in Europe, allowing tenants to use the facilities such as meeting rooms in other countries. Works are almost complete for the second Lounge in Vilnius, Lithuania. The multifunctional space is a relaxed area encouraging tenants and visitors to socialise, collaborate, book meeting rooms and host informal events.

We have been working with Vastint on Business Garden projects across Europe for many years, and when the idea of the Lounge came up, we thought — what could we offer to create an inviting luxurious environment within a Business Garden, while at the same time infusing a unique flavour and personality into each space? We needed to make this space significantly different from what is a typical office environment. It had to be a lot warmer, a lot more inviting, giving a sense of a crossover with a hospitality type of spaces. We aimed to bring that feel there, making it a place where you want to be, where it doesn’t necessarily feel like you’re at work.

Howard BatesDirector & Co-founder of turnerbates

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