turnerbates have designed a fully accessible Changing Places toilets and customer information desk – now open in Banbury.


Lead designer on the project, Robyn Thurston:

“Turnerbates are delighted to have worked with Castle Quay management, Cherwell District Council, Montagu Evans, Royal Institute of Blind people (RNIB) and Accessible Banbury, to deliver the new Changing Places facilities at Castle Quay Shopping Centre.

During the design process, we factored in the needs of everyday users to make sure the facilities are welcoming, comfortable and safe to use. The matt jade blue tiles and complimentary grey grout, encourage a calm and tranquil environment, that will not cause visual disturbance to those who have Charles bonnet syndrome, dementia or for the partially sighted. The contrasting sanitary ware accessories, safety flooring, dimmable lighting, radar key access and full range of equipment has been designed for ease of use.

The design has been developed in line with the Changing Places Consortium requirements. We have had the support of the consortium to register the Changing Places, so that the new facilities can be put ‘on the map’.

The Changing Places at Castle Quay Shopping Centre, really will be life changing for those in the local and wider community. We are very proud to be involved.”


The arrival of the Changing Places is a real step forward for our town...the changes help to make the town a more welcoming place for people living with disabilities of all kinds

Oliver WrenCentre Director, Castle Quay Shopping Centre

It's a brilliant addition, just brilliant

Kat LucasAccessible Banbury

It's odd to think that a toilet can be life changing, but it really is.

Kirsty JarvisCarer

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