Following the success of previous Business Garden projects across Europe for international real estate company, Vastint, turnerbates were appointed to not only design the interiors but also create the artworks within our upcoming projects in Riga, Latvia.

So far, our talented in-house creative team have designed digital artworks in Vastint Business Gardens in Bucharest and Warsaw, with each building’s artworks reflecting their interior concept.

In Business Garden Riga, we have used a holistic design approach. The interiors of each building are grounded in research of the city and are inspired by its vibrant culture and lush surroundings. The unique artworks that hang in the spaces tell a story about these themes and give each building an individual personality.

We are currently working on almost 40 large scale artworks for 2 of the buildings in Business Garden Riga.

Here is a sneak preview of a few of our artworks…

Business Garden Riga, Building X artwork, using the vibrant city and its relationship to the River Daugava.

Business Garden Riga, Building C artwork, inspired by the lush Kemeri Forest in Latvia.

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