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  • Favourite place you’ve visited:  Taj Mahal (not my local curry house)
  • Sweet treat of choice: Curly Whirly, seventies child!
  • Drink of choice: Anything but Sambuca
  • Guilty pleasure: Pork scratchings
John Turner

John Turner began his professional career with Leslie Jones Architects working on shopping centre projects, then continuing with The Design Solution where he worked closely with Lend Lease on the concept design of Bluewater as well as store designs for Cerrutti, Vileroy & Boch, Crabtree & Evelyn and the Burton Group, now Arcadia.

Following his interest in heritage architecture from previously working on projects in Mayfair and on Regent Street, London, John was appointed by Fusion D&A to run the conversion of the Grade 2* listed former car showroom and bank into a restaurant at 160 Piccadilly, now known as the highly regarded Wolseley restaurant.

After taking a sabbatical, John joined award-winning architects Hawkins\Brown where he became Partner/Director overseeing Office, Heritage and Education projects for both Private and Public sector organisations and clients.

Twelve years on, John left Hawkins\Brown to set up turnerbates with former colleague Howard Bates establishing their studio close to Borough Market, London.

  • Favourite place you’ve visited:  Too many to be just one…and always searching for the next one!
  • Sweet treat of choice: Raspberry ruffles
  • Drink of choice: Vino Rosso
  • Guilty pleasure: Pleasure should be guilt free!
Howard Bates

Howard Bates studied architecture and interior design at the Royal College of Art and graduated with a Masters Degree in 1991.

Subsequently, Howard worked with a number of leading design consultants including Din Associates and The Design Solution where he first worked with John Turner. While there, Howard worked on Shopping Centre projects in Birmingham and Manchester as well as Leisure lead projects and with High Street Retailer brands like Burtons, Topshop and Principles.

Howard joined award-winning architects Greig & Stephenson in 1995, where he became an Associate and then Director. During his sixteen years there, Howard worked extensively in the UK and internationally with developers, retailers and hospitality operators, including British Land, Marks & Spencer, Jack Wills, Selfridges, HMV, Waterstone’s, ING Real Estate, Delancey, The Gondola Group, Vinum Restaurants, Vinopolis, Tapas Brindisa and Bombay Sapphire.

Howard has also mentored, lectured and taught Interior Architecture in numerous Educational Institutions in the UK.

  • Favourite place you’ve visited:  Vidden, Bergen
  • Sweet treat of choice: Smash (Norwegian salty chocolate crisp)
  • Drink of choice: Beer
  • Guilty pleasure: Cheesy murder mystery tv programmes


  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Greece
  • Sweet treat of choice: Gelato
  • Drink of choice: Peroni
  • Guilty pleasure: Crisps and dip


  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Great Barrier Reef
  • Sweet treat of choice: Skittles
  • Drink of choice: Coopers Pale Ale
  • Guilty pleasure: Football with drink of choice


  • Favourite place you’ve visited: The High Line, New York City
  • Sweet treat of choice: Ice cream
  • Drink of choice: Aperol Spritz
  • Guilty pleasure: Ice cream, again!

Interior Designer

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Tuscany
  • Sweet treat of choice: Riesling
  • Drink of choice: Wine!
  • Guilty pleasure: Midleton Single Cask

Part II Architectural Assistant

  • Favourite place you’ve visited:  Palawan, Philippines
  • Sweet treat of choice: Ferrero Rochers
  • Drink of choice: Vodka, lime & soda
  • Guilty pleasure: Biscuits!

Interior Designer

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
  • Sweet treat of choice: Peanut butter & banana on toast
  • Drink of choice: ‘Modern Zentelman’ cocktail
  • Guilty pleasure: Feasting with friends

Part II Architectural Assistant

  • Favourite place you’ve visited:  Etretat Cliffs, France
  • Sweet treat of choice: Lindt Dark chocolate with orange
  • Drink of choice: White wine
  • Guilty pleasure: Homemade pizza with extra cheese

Interior Designer

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Fraser Island, Australia
  • Sweet treat of choice: Millionaire Shortbread
  • Drink of choice: Beer/Espresso Martini
  • Guilty pleasure: Pub Crawling…

Architectural Assistant

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Yangshuo, China, at sunrise
  • Sweet treat of choice: Munchies
  • Drink of choice: G&T with lime
  • Guilty pleasure: Really corny TV & films

Marketing & Research Manager

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: St Lucia
  • Sweet treat of choice: Banana Cake
  • Drink of choice: Latte
  • Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Accounts Manager

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Contoi Island, Mexico
  • Sweet treat of choice: Haribo
  • Drink of choice: A cocktail
  • Guilty pleasure: Steak & chips

Interior Designer

  • Favourite place you’ve visited: Ethiopia
  • Sweet treat of choice: Marvellous creation popping candy
  • Drink of choice: Coffee!
  • Guilty pleasure: Marvel Films

Trainee Architectural Technician