BEAR Coffee Company, Derby

turnerbates were appointed by BEAR founders to design their new space in a listed Victorian bank in Derby, inspired by Australian coffee house culture which emphasises socialising, wellness and craft coffee.

turnerbates drew inspiration from BEAR’s well-established brand identity, referencing the influence of landscapes and the Victorian architecture of the building in the colour palette. The colours also hint to the countries in which coffee originates, and highlights BEAR’s creativity and dedication to craft coffee with bespoke wall artwork displaying the process of coffee making. Through the use of lighting and emphasis on the state of the art coffee machine and cocktail bar as the hub of the shop, turnerbates’ design encourages visitors to relax and enjoy the space from morning until late evening.

One of the founders of BEAR, Craig, said “It’s been a great opportunity for us as a small brand to work with a leading design company. turnerbates have really helped us to establish and develop an on-brand interior design style that we feel confident and excited to continue rolling out across our future stores.

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